‘Boekenkunst’ van Shawn Sho

A tree becomes a book and a book becomes a tree – Shawn Soh

I remember
That I folded narrow and long paper
And stuck it between the branches of a tree
That memory
Led me to embrace a tree
The tree with books forever chatters
Before I knew it, the books became the tree
In full blossom with sprouting leaves

Nature is constantly changing, evolving to something new, something better. As such, as nature, designArtist Shawn Soh is always thinking for new concepts and better work.

She has trimed and made the new Tree Bookshelf. It can now split in three parts, so you can put it in more places, on top of bed boards or on top of a table. She is also placed a special spaces for you to put lovely message for someone you love.
A tree becomes a book and a book becomes a tree – Shawn SohI also like her 'relation sheep' a lot!


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